Alice Springs: Catch The Best Of Summer At Alice Springs

Alice Springs, the capital of the Center of Red in Australia, is a town full of amazing natural and scenic attractions including trails, buildings which date back to centuries and even botanical gardens.

Places to visit

I visited Uluru, a giant rock, but is of great importance to the local and tourists alike; having a tour around. The best way to visit all the attractions is to go on a multi-day trip around the town. Then, I went to one of the largest houses for reptiles in Australia, The Reptile Center. It had many venomous snakes such as the Mulgas and Adders. As well as lizards like the Perentie Goanna and Thorny Devils. The entry fee is 17 AUD.

I had the opportunity to have an overview of the city through a balloon. For a little of an hour of touring, it costs around 330 AUD. Though it is not cheap, people do rave about it. Then, just 15 km from the central part of the city, I went to Alice Springs Desert Park, where I got to more than thousands of flora and fauna. It’s the best way to know about the region. The entry fee is around 30 AUD it operates from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

I also visited the ranges in MacDonell that run go from the east to west 650 km to the outback of Australia. The Park is famous for hiking and camping tours. The other places to visit are cultural museums, Olive Pink Botanical Garden, The Old Court House, and The Larapinta Trail. The hostel prices cost from 25-30 AUD per night for a dorm room. The hotels have a low-cost price of 170 AUD. There are cheap meals availed at 14 AUD.