Bergamo: The Glorious Town You Must Visit

We recently had been to Bergamo – a small city in the north of Italy. It has an interesting history, reflecting its splendid architecture and artistic similarity to that of the city of Romance, Venice. It is divided into two areas and they are situated atop a hill type and another area which is situated below. We first visited Torre Del Commune which is located in Piazza Vecchia and was built in the 12th century.  Also, there is a Palazzo which was made in the 12th century and has an archway leading to Piazza Duomo.

Then we went to Castello di Malpaga. It is a 15th century castle which was used to have defensive functions. The rooms have been painted by Il Romanino. It has the most precious frescoes. It facilitates the visitors to change into the 15th centuries attires and wander through the castle. Afterward, we tried Moscato di Scanzo which is a kind of meditation wine which has a thick, rich and fruity flavor. We even tried casoncelli which are a ravioli kind of pasta filled with salami and pork meat and served with a sauce made of butter and bacon. We even tried varieties of polenta, cornmeal and served with various ingredients such as mushrooms. One can even offer the fantastic local traditional food with a cozy setting at Giopi e Margi. Also, Caffe Della Funicolare in the Old Town of Bergamo Alta serves great dishes daily such as casoncelli, meat roll with cabbage and more.  We even went to Cantiere Cucina, a tiny family style restaurant.

It is recommended that you spend at least a week here.  You can visit this place from any major city if you utilize the public transport of that place. Make sure that you explore this place on foot.