Leipzig – A City Of Cultural Attractions

Leipzig is a popular city in the German state of Saxony. Tourism is a growing industry in the city which is known for its historic structures, monuments, and landmarks. The place is ideal for family holidays and there are many resorts and hotels that are ideal for weeklong stays. We had a memorable time during our short stay in the city. Mentioned below are a few sites in Leipzig that became the highlight of our fun-filled vacation.

  • Leipzig Zoo

Even if you are visiting the city for a short day tour, make sure that you do not skip this beautiful zoo. The place is easily accessible and offers a great chance to see a wide range of wild animals that are safely kept in large enclosures. Popularly known as the Leipzig Zoological Garden, the zoo occupies a land area of 67 acres. The place has a large rainforest hall where you can see lots of wild creatures and birds. The vast zoo kept us busy for an entire day and still, there were many areas that remained unexplored.

  • St. Thomas Church

The Lutheran church is popular for its historic past. The famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach has served as a music director at this church for over 2 decades. Other composers connected with the church were Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Richard Wagner. The 12th century church is a beautiful example of Gothic Romanesque architecture. The interiors are quite attractive and adorned with beautiful stained glass windows.

  • St. Nicholas Church

Located in central Leipzig, the St. Nicholas Church is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city. The church was the center of Monday Demonstrations in 1989. The peaceful revolt led by the church gained nationwide recognition. The architecture of the church building is a blend of Gothic, Romanesque, Neoclassical, and Baroque style. The interiors are exquisitely decorated with stunning patterns.