Lillie: The Cultural City Is A Must Visit

Lillie is cultural capital and the fourth largest metropolis of France. But tourists overlook it in spite of Lillie being a hub of art, architecture, and history.

  • La Gare Saint Sauveur

It is an art space displaying contemporary art pieces. We listened to a piano concert on its big terrace. There was no entry ticket for concerts. Let me warn you, the queues were quite long. We drank a few beers at the cafe and then went shopping in the former train station nearby.

  • Grand Place

It is a big public square from where admired the chamber of commerce, theatre, Voix du Nord newspaper and old stock exchange in the background. There is a bookstore, a couple of restaurants and bars and a large number of shops in and around the central square, although cars are moving and beggars around make the experience a bit less pleasant. There are two churches in walking distance from Grand Place.

  • LibrairieFuret Du Nord

If you are a book lover, you can’t afford to miss this massive bookshop with 8 floors. The collection is very impressive and there is a big bookstore too. They have all kinds of books ranging from classic literature to children’s books, DVDs, music and gift items.  It is located in Grand Place itself. The staff was amicable. They close at 7:30 pm.

  • Parc Du Heron

We had a small picnic in this beautiful park with a lake and two museums of art and mill technology. There are tracks for walking or jogging or bicycling. Bike rentals are available for short distances. Our kids loved to see horses and ducks. There are local buses for transit. It is a complete package of scenic beauty, lake, pasture, and woods.

  • Art Gallery Museum

After Parc, we headed to the Art gallery, museum which is just in proximity. The museum displays a wide collection of contemporary art. There are many good cafes around.