Masaya: This Is A Must Visit For A Relaxation

Masaya is the capital city of Nicaragua. I visited the city while I was on the tour of Nicaragua. In the city, I visited Masaya Volcano National park. It was one of the highlights of the tour. The atmosphere was really windy, so at first, I could not believe if what I saw as the orange surface was actual Magma. But, then at night, we went to the Volcano and I realized that the orange surface was real Magma. I could not believe that I saw real magma moving in front of me, but it was true and wonderful. Before night took over, we saw beautiful Sunset in the evening and also stopped at the museum for few minutes. The view was really beautiful. Our next point to visit was Laguna de Apoyo, it is a mesmerizing spot to relax and escape your busy life thoughts. The hotels and restaurants are set in such a way that you can enjoy the view of the lake, which was really relaxing and wonderful moment for me. Laguna is kind of a perfect place for swimming as the water is warm and comfortable.

Museo Del Parque Volcano De Masaya was our next stop. The Museum was informative and information was in two languages- Spanish and English. You get to learn about the Volcano and its history and then, great history of the city, Masaya. El Coyotepe Fortress was another place that I visited in the city. It is a fortress which was used as a jail in old times. There are local kids who act like Guides and help people take a knowledgeable tour of the place, they charge a few bucks. I witnessed the Sunset from the Fort which was as beautiful as the Sun went down and its shades of red and orange scattered all over and then, the purple sky started turning dark as the night took over.