Oshawa: This Lake Side City Will Enthrall You

I went to Oshawa with my family for two days. It is a located on the shoreline of Ontario Lake. It has lovely surroundings at Cobourg Beach and is situated at Cobourg’s Victoria Park. We started at 10:00 AM and stayed till 1:00 PM. It is separated from a lush green area with a boardwalk. Also there is a public pool. From there we went to Primitive Designs, Port Hope that is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. But it stays closed on Monday so one must plan accordingly. It offers wide range of unusual home and garden décor items at reasonable rates. From there, we left at 5 PM and went to Parkwood National Historic Site. It is a preservation of former residence of General Motors of Canada’s founder Samuel Laughlin.  It offers a guided tour taking one through its interiors and manicured grounds. There are memorabilia, trophies, art collections and photographs.  

We then explored the night life of Oshawa. We went to Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas and watched Ant man there. The next day we again started at 10 AM and watched Lynde Shores Conservation Area, Whitby. It is open from 12 AM to 12 AM for all the days of the week. It homes many migratory avian species. With picturesque coastal environment including number of birds, waterfowl and shorebirds migrating along the north shore, it is a great experience. We then went to Fairy Lake Park at around 2 PM. It has a tranquil surrounding and one may enjoy taking a stroll around. Its main feature is the manmade lake where water cascades off at the end and creates a small waterfall. It homes ducks and Canadian Geese. Also it has children’s play area and picnic worthy covered pavilion.